Latest Things To Do in South Africa

Whale Watching Tours In Cape Town

Whale Watching in Cape Town Cape Town arguably has some of the best whale watching in the world! Pair that with the unparalleled surrounding natural beauty of this scenic, special country and you have an unforgettable experience lined up. Let’s say we forget the famous Big 5 by land (just ...

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Best Cape Town Wineries and Tours

Wine Tasting In Cape Town For wine lovers and aficionado’s alike in search of the very best wine tasting, Cape Town is the quintessential destination for savouring the beloved grape. Cape Town wineries have long enjoyed a reputation for unparalleled standards of vino. Don’t feel guilty adding ...

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Skydiving Johannesburg

Skydive Parys Parys Skydiving claims to be South Africa’s premier skydiving center, citing its highly experienced instructors apply strict safety measures to protect you and their exemplary safety record. No matter your experience level, Skydive Parys has you covered from tandem jumps for first ...

Pet-Friendly Accommodation South Africa

For most people, our pets become more like family than simply animals who share our homes. So why should they be left behind while you’re off on your family holiday? If the puppy dog eyes are making you feel guilty for going on vacation without your beloved pooch, we have a solution: pet-friendly ...

The Best Extreme Adventures in Cape Town

Extreme Things to do in Cape Town Abseil Table Mountain Of all the incredible sites one can see around the world, Table Mountain has long been selected as one of the Seven Wonders of the World. What better way to enjoy a day in Cape Town other than to soak up its captivating views from 1000 ...

Horse Riding Cape Town, Prices and Online Booking

Always wanted to try your hand at Horse riding? With the unique combination of a bustling metropolis in close proximity to exquisite and varied nature, horse riding in Cape Town is the perfect place to start. In under an hour, and just a few kilometers from the city centre, you can mount up ...

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Exciting Things to do in Gauteng

Gauteng is known for being the city that doesn’t sleep in South Africa. The constant hustle and bustle can be a joy for some, but sometimes you want to escape the city, and do something that won’t only get your heart racing, but get you away from the high-paced city life. As this is the hub most ...

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